M.S. Software Engineering, WVU • Postgraduate Studies, Harvard

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Software, % 90
Instructional Design, % 60
User Interface Design, % 85
Hello! I began my career 10 years ago as a Java developer and have gradually transitioned into front-end application development and design. In 2015, I finished my Master of Science in Software Engineering at West Virginia University at which point I realized I definitely want to share my knowledge and experiences through teaching.
In consideration of this, I have decided to try my luck as a candidate for the Masters of Arts in Multimedia & Design at Harvard University. In this program, I am focusing on Instructional Design and hope to transition away from the private sector and into a full-time professor role at some point in the forseeable future.

My Process

I value feedback and am always keeping the end user's perspective in the forefront. With my background in software, I tend to transcend proven UI/UX principles into my instructional design process.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Evaluate


Finding innovative ways to emulate a real-life classroom setting in an interactive experience is a fun and exciting challenge. The goal should always be for the student that is remote to leave the course feeling as though they were in what they know to be a classic classroom environment.

Why Choose Me?

I'm Creative

I like to think outside the box. I have a nact for reverse engineering things and then rebuilding them to be even better than they were before.

I'm Punctual

I have worked remotely for many years and have found a great work/life balance in doing so. I am flexible and always there when needed.

I'm technical

This is my bread and butter. I might suggest something that's a little much for our time/budget, but that's not to say there isn't room for compromise.

I'm a minimalist

I believe in simplicity. It's difficult to find valuable content to add, it's even harder to take things away while still delivering the same message.

I'm responsible

I am well versed in Accessibility practices ensuring every individual is included and can participate. Having low vision myself, acceptable contrasting colors is my forte!

I'm Friendly

I take pride in being easy to work with and finding ways to make the seemingly mundane more interesting.

What people say?

My experience working with Ashley has been very refreshing, to say the least. Seemingly mundane projects are turned into home-runs, always exceeding our clients expectations. She is great at finding creative solutions to all of the challenges in front of her and teachers others to do the same in the process.

Josh Milton, GPP Cycling

What people say?

Ashley is extremely easy to work with and delivers excellent and organized works of art. She is a truly creative professional!

Jeremy Jackson Fitness

Custom Course Design

West Virginia University

I had the opportunity to develop an 8-course introductory to the Master of Science in Software Engineering Program at West Virginia University. The microsite introduces the program, engages prospective students, and then has 8 courses embedded through Versal's LMS.

Intro to Lifestyle Medicine

Harvard University

This is a one-week snapshot I built based off a course taught by Elizabeth Frates, MD at the Harvard Extension School. The course has a case study, an optimized syllabus for online instruction, and a community building activity. This course has enabled open enrollment.

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